(The list is in alphabetical order, so you should start wherever you want.)

Four flavors of time discounting: Four ways we shouldn’t discount the future, and one way we should.

Giving now vs. giving later: A critique of a standard view of the urgency of giving.

How useful is progress?: A counter-intuitive argument about the value of last year’s developments.

My outlook: A description of my overall views towards do-gooding.

Recommendation consequentialism: A cute alternative to act consequentialism.

Replaceability: When you do a job, you often replace someone else who would have done it instead. How should we reason about those effects?

Risk-aversion for altruists: How risk-averse should altruistic investors be?

Self-driving cars: A plausible intervention in the developed world.

Whence good futures?: A discussion of altruism in the very far future.